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If you are an artist interested in working on this project, please feel free to email me. I am looking for a pixel artist as well as a 2D character designer for portraits.

Some of the images used as placeholder art are copyrighted by their respective owner, Square Enix. These resources include custom sprites by the artists at Other resources seen are either created by myself or are credited to their respective owners on the Credits page.

If you see any media on this website that is not attributed properly is please let me know and I will fix it immediately.

Dusk Tactics, source code, media and information on this website are all copyright ©2014-2020 Louis Agoglia unless otherwise noted.



Every unit, whether they are generic or a story character will have an ever growing record that works to create a profile. This can be found in Unit Management by selecting the Unit Summary option. During your adventure, many records will be kept to showcase what an individual unit has accomplished. Some of this is simply for lore purposes, but there's an active mechanic in here that will allow you to keep track of something called Accolades which when earned can unlock some interesting options.


A living body of text will be the first part of the Unit Summary. This will essentially give a short background on the unit that may change as the story progresses. For main characters this will be highly personalized and offer important background details including things revealed in previous conversations.


Each unit has it's own background and this helps to differentiate between them, especially generics. The nation they're from, their age, gender, and alignment will all shape their progress, modify their stats, and try to individualize them. Some things are superficial, like Gender which simply alters the sprite. Alignment has a slight influence on stat growth and Job options. There are currently plans for age, but for now it's a random value between 18-36 for generic units. You can also see the progress this unit has made, how many Jobs, Abilities, and Passives it has learned.

Rank was initially included, but it's possible that rank will be a global value rather than on a per unit basis. Rank will be tied to the Guild Hall and what benefits you receive from it. This includes upgrades to overall unit capacity.


This is a system that has been through many overhauls and may see more in the future. The basic concept is keeping a record of a unit's individual contributions in battle. You can see how many battles they've participated in, how many kills they've made, their total damage and healing, and a slew of other details.

While it serves a purpose, it's mostly for fun and hopefully it creates some depth when managing dozens of units. For example, Job Requirements may be tied to having a certain number of kills, or collecting a certain amount of crystals on the battlefield, so being able to view your current progress is helpful.

I'll go into more detail about my thoughts on this system at the end of the page.


This is a system I really wanted to bring to Dusk Tactics. If you've played Tactics Ogre: Knights of Lodis you may recall the Emblem system. These were little achievements awarded to units for doing certain things. Some were for show, some gave little stat bonuses, and some unlocked Jobs.

It wont be the same thing, but it's definitely the inspiration for it. I have plans for it to be tied in heavily with the Job System creating a more varied approach Job discovery/unlocking. There are also plans to use it in combination with lore.


This one is still in the works. My plans for it revolve around the various factions that exist in the world. These will be influenced by the story, your choices, quests, and unit interaction. What these factions are and how the system will work is still TBD.

The biggest question is whether to have reputation be unit specific, or have it be global for the player.

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