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 ===== Move Type ===== ===== Move Type =====
-This is a set of rules for how to move over different terrain typesCurrently ​there are three (3sub-types in the Move Type attribute. These are Land Move, Water Move, and Lava Move.+As of Version 0.6.0a, there are ten (10different ​Move Types, each made up of combinations of Land, Water, and Lava Move Sub-Types.
-All Move Type sub-types have the defaults:+==== None ====
-{{.:​movement:​nomove.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}None\\ +{{.:​movement:​nomove.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}No movement allowed ​whatsoever.
-No movement ​is allowed ​over this terrain.+
-{{.:​movement:​nomove.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}Hover\\ +==== Slow ====
-The unit hovers above the terrain ignoring any terrain effects.+
-==== Land Move ====+{{.:​movement:​slow.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}Movement is restricted to land only. On land, all movement costs higher than 1 are doubled making terrain harder to traverse.
-{{.:​movement:​land_shallow.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}As the name implies, this is how a unit moves over land-based terrain which will make up the majority of most maps. The different types of Lane Move are as follows:+==== Normal ====
-<WRAP smallf>+{{.:​movement:​normal.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}The most common movement type. Land movement is average with movement costs unaffected. Unit is able to Wade through shallow water and Swim in deep water. Unable to move on or across Lava tiles.
-|{{.:​movement:​ignore.png?​nolink&​16x16}}|Ignore|Used with the Teleport, Fly, and Hover Move Types to determine whether or not a land tile is considered an obstruction.| +==== Agile ====
-|{{.:​movement:​slow.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}|Rigid|Move costs over 1 are doubled.| +
-|{{.:​movement:​normal.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}|Average|Default move costs.| +
-|{{.:​movement:​fast.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}|Nimble|Move costs over 1 are halved.|+
-</​WRAP>​+{{.:​movement:​fast.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}Movement over Land is enhanced as the Unit is able to use the Nimble Land Move Type which halves any tile's movement costs if it's over 1. Both Water and Lava Move types are the same as Normal.
-==== Water Move ====+==== Fast ====
-{{.:​movement:​water_shallow.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}As with Land Move, Water Move dictates movement when it comes to water tilesThis includes all bodies ​of water. The different types are as follows:+{{.:​movement:​fast.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}The quickest movement type, uses the Nimble ​Land Move Type which halves any movement costs over 1. Lava Move is the same as Normal and Agilehowever ​Water Move Type is set to allow for Water WalkingRegardless ​of the depth of the water, the unit treats it as if it's normal land and simply walks across the surface.
-  * Bypass +==== Hover ====
-  * Walk +
-  * Wade +
-  * Swim+
-==== Lava Move ====+{{.:​movement:​hover_normal.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}A special Move Type usually used by apparitions and other floating entities. Hover is unique in that it allows for the same movement type regardless of whether it's Land, Water, or Lava. The limitations of Move and Jump are still taken into account as if the unit was walking normally. The unit may hover over any type of tile. When hovering they are considered to be 1 vertical unit in height above the land they are over. Lastly, the unit gains immunity to any abilities that require the target to be on the ground.
-{{.:​movement:​lava_shallow.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}Very similar to Water Move, Lava Move dictates movement (if possible) over tiles that are made up of lava. The majority of units will have no way to go anywhere near Lava so this is a highly specialized movement type. The different types are as follows:+==== Fly ====
-  * Bypass +{{.:​movement:​fly.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}This movement is almost always used by a unit who possesses wings but some magic users can also use it. This Move Type may seem similar to Hover, but it has many differences. First off, there is no vertical restriction. The Jump value is no longer calculated when flying. Second, while the unit can fly over Land, Water, and Lava tiles, they are unable to land on Water or Lava. So while they are free to travel within their Move range, they are unable to end their movement on Water or Lava tiles.
-  * Walk +
-  * Swim+
-===== Move Type Names =====+==== Warp ====
-As of Version 0.6.0a, there are ten (10) different Move Types, each made up of combinations of Land, Waterand Lava Move types to define ​their total movement profile.+{{.:​movement:​teleport.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}A very special movement type often used by those with Magick abilities. Water and Lava tiles are completely inaccessible,​ but when it comes to Land the unit is able to instantly travel ​to any tile within ​their Move range. When moving the Jump value is ignored and they only ever touch the destination tile.
-\\+==== Aquatic ==== 
 +{{.:​movement:​water_shallow.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}This is one of the rarer Move Types that is usually applied to specific races. Land and Lava movement not possible as the unit may only Swim through water tiles. It is one of the more restrictive movement types. 
 +==== Amphibious ==== 
 +{{.:​movement:​water_shallow.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}Another rare Move Type, Amphibious is nearly identical to Aquatic except the unit is able to move on Land. They are very restricted on Land as they have the Rigid Land Move Type causing the movement cost of any tiles with a movement cost over 1 to be doubled. 
 +==== Molten ==== 
 +{{.:​movement:​lava_shallow.png?​nolink&​16x16 ​ }}A rare Move Type used by Lava dwelling races mostly. Similar to Aquatic except access to Land and Water is removed and the unit can only Swim in Lava. This is the only Move Type that can actively move in Lava.
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