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If you are an artist interested in working on this project, please feel free to email me. I am looking for a pixel artist as well as a 2D character designer for portraits.

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Alton Alstair Background

See: Alton Alstair (Main)

The following takes place when Alton was 15 and his mother had been declared KIA. A funeral was to be held.

Alton felt sad, but he also didn't notice much of a difference from before and after other than the behavior of his sisters. Nora was noticeably depressed and Catalan handled it with anger. She was training for the military at the time and really buried herself in martial arts.

At his mother's funeral he got a rare chance to see his father. It was one of the first times any of the kids at seen him since their mother went missing.
This day would be carved into Alton's memory so deeply, he would consistently return to it when deep in thought. It wasn't the funeral that he remembered; They were burying an empty coffin which may have softened the emotional toll. No, the event he would never forget was when his sister, Catalan confronted their father.

Catalan, who had arrived late, had ignored Alton and Nora and instead headed straight toward their father. It was a very odd seen to see the two of them talking as Alton couldn't remember the last time they had all even been together.

Catalan been getting louder and louder as she continued to question her father. Alton and Nora were far enough away where they couldn't hear the exact words, but understood Catalan's body language. There was a momentary pause followed by Catalan completely losing her composure and launching into a physical assault against her father.

This was a man who was almost twice her size and was known for his combat prowess. He was not someone you'd ever think of striking, regardless of what his relation was to you.

Alton felt something deep within him as he watched Catalan literally create a shockwave of air around her just by moving her arms and legs into a preliminary combat stance. He remembers, vividly, the intense rush of wind against his face, something he'd never felt before.
What he saw was the full fury of his eldest sister as Catalan seemed to transform into a well trained weapon, delivering forceful strikes and lightning fast kicks point blank at her father's head and chest.

Alton didn't know whether or not his father didn't have time to block, or chose not, but it was the first time he saw his father show any signs of being human as his form seemed to buckle just a bit under the force of Catalan's assault.
What Alton did know was that he could hear at least 3 different bones breaking. What he didn't know was that one of those was Catalan's leg that delivered the last and most powerful kick to her father's ribs, definitely breaking two of them.
In a fog of ignorance and shock due to what had transpired and perhaps caused by what would transpire next, time slowed down for Alton and for the first time in his 15 years of living he felt as if he had been switched on. His face had the largest, most twisted smile. His eyes wide and wild. The truest of expressions covered his face, brought there by raw emotional reflex. Experiencing a deep form of Pride and Wrath in that moment, and perhaps some Envy, it would forever leave a high tide water mark in his mind.
He reflects on this often to try and understand it. There's no memory of feeling happy, or sad, or much of anything. All he felt was what he attributed to an adrenaline rush and doubt. Doubt over his own humanity after seeing evidence of his father's only caused him to analyze the scene further.

Nora stared in horror at what was happening. Looking toward Alton for comfort she would instead receive the opposite. She didn't see her brother, what she saw was a demon reveling at the sight of this sudden explosion of violence.

As all three children were young they were also somewhat naive with almost no experience of a situation like this, they were unable to fathom what would happen next.

For a moment Alton forgot the reality of the situation but was forced to watch as his father, looking completely unfazed, grabbed Catalan's head with a single hand and slammed her so hard into the ground it created a loud boom, cracking the ground beneath Catalan and shaking the entire area violently.

Unfortunately that's where his memory of the event ends as he woke up in his bed and found Nora sleeping in a chair infront of his bed. When she saw he was awake, her already swollen eyes were evidence enough that she had been crying for a long time. As tears started to roll down her cheeks Alton again surprised himself by going to comfort her. Nora was caught off guard but it worked and for the first time in 3 days she smiled and they hugged.

This was extremely out of character for Alton, but after everything that had happened he was too tired to think about it.

He would later learn that his father had simply left his sister there and forbade anyone to assist her. He effectively wrote her off, but she had already done the same to him.

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