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Alton Alstair

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One of the main characters of Dusk Tactics. Alton Alstair is a primary protagonist. His demeanor is often seen as lax making those around feel as if he is not taking the situation seriously. Ever since he was a child he was interested in philosophical debate. A firm believer in the relatively new movement of Sciencia where facts and truths are of utmost importance. Always interested in seeing something new and trying to figure out how it worked, but not always showing it causes many an awkward situation for him.


He was raised by Vaan and Rebel Alstair, two esteemed members of the Kingdom of Acedia Armed Forces. His father Vaan was an accomplished Major General in the KAAF while his mother worked in Intelligence. This was a military family going back multiple generations, not uncommon at the time with constant border skirmishes between neighboring Superbia.

Due to the busy schedule his parents were rarely home. This left him with his two sisters, Catalan Alstair, 2 years his elder, and Nora Alstair, a year his junior. Oddly enough Nora, the youngest, was the one who acted as the caretaker while Catalan and Alton would act like the younger siblings. She was very mature for her age and very proud of that fact. Catalan and Alton often teased Nora for this, but secretly she saw it as a compliment.

Always reading as a child, Alton would stay in his room for days. Catalan would pester him to go out to town with her every so often and Nora would make breakfast and dinner as well as make sure Alton hadn't died of dehydration or starvation. Alton would get so into his reading that he would often forget to eat and drink, if not for Nora, he probably would have starved!

Catalan had talked about joining the KAAF since she was a little girl. Not because she looked up to her parents, or felt it was a family obligation, but because she enjoyed fighting. She was considered somewhat of a tomboy, but nobody would ever say that to her face otherwise she'd obliterate them. Catalan often expressed her anger with their parents constant absence. She acted out because of this as a child and often got herself, her brother and the other local kids into trouble.

Alton shared a somewhat similar view on his parents however with less anger and more acceptance. He was extremely easy going, to the point that it would bother Catalan and she'd provoke him into a fight. Alton would never admit it, but he secretly looked up to Catalan and while he was pretty indifferent when it came to most people, he cared for Nora. He saw the three of them as his true family and was content with that.

Nora was proud of her parents and loved them dearly. She wouldn't hear a bad word spoken about them without getting angry. She did wish she could see them more.

When Alton was 13, his mother disappeared. According to the reports, she was doing classified work and was marked as MIA. Two years later the government had concluded that she had been compromised and was pronounced KIA. The event caused an already distant family to become distanced even more. His father buried himself in work and he only saw him a few times before he himself enlisted at 18.

The Funeral


It would be a while before he would see Catalan again as she joined the military after that and was already making a name for herself.

At this point Alton's father stopped coming home. Alton got a part time job to make ends meet as he continued training for the military. Enticed more than ever, he finally wanted something.

Nora also got a job at the local Magick Arts Hospital doing basic triage. She had decided to go into healing magick and medicine.

Over the next few months Alton and Nora got used to a new normal. Alton, now licensed with the Guild but still waiting for his Order assignment was working basic security for a local leader, Viscount Dupont. Dupont often met with members of the military so this setup worked well for Alton. He didn't want to associate with his father and he was able to make some contacts via Dupont. One of them was Lieutenant Trip Slate.

Lieutenant Slate was the exact opposite of his father. He was warm, friendly, and still managed to have a powerful aura about him, however he wasn't a frontline fighter like Alton's father, he was a member of a special Sniper division. He would also bring his daughter with him, one of the most obnoxious 13 year old girls he had ever met, Emma Slate.

Emma was fascinated that someone “her own age” (she'd often say this despite Alton's claims that he was almost 4 years older than her) was more than ready to enter the military, something she dreamed of doing much to her father's dismay.

One thing that Alton liked about Emma was that she was straightforward. Something about her put him at ease. Also the fact that he showed no respect at all for the military even though he was being recruited and fast tracked at this point really pissed Emma off, and he enjoyed that.


Alton enlisted at 17 and he was accepted to an Officer Training Military Academy. The first thing he did when he got there was send Emma a postcard from the Academy that said “Never take pride in service -Officer Alton”. This was twofold in that it was his way of telling Emma he got into her #1 choice academy and of course to “never take in pride in service” six words that literally violated her entire morale code.

Years later he would explain his ambition for the military by simply stating it would allow him the simplest life with access to travel and a regimented schedule. This answer just served to piss of Emma even more.

His time at the academy was fruitful and he met two people that would become some of his closest allies.

Three years later Acedia went to all out war with Superbia, something that had not happened in hundreds of years and Alton's dreams were crushed. He was off to war.

Emma tried as hard as she could to enlist before the war but was unable to and spent the entirety of it in boot camp much to her father's delight.

Acedian - Superbian War

Never in a million years did anyone, least of all Alton expect to survive the war, let alone end up a war hero, a promotion to Lieutenant which gave him his own platoon and within six months he had his First Officer, Sergeant Emma Slate. Upon arrival she took up much of the administrative roles effectively doing the work of a Lieutenant for the pay of a Sergeant. She was happy to do this as Alton was happy for her to do it for him.

Character Information
Full Name Alton Alstair
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 6'2“
Weight 190lbs
Alignment Unknown
Race Huma
Nationality Acedian
Preliminary Status
Order Order of Aergia
Job Ranger
Rank Lieutenant

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