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Kingdom of Acedia

See: Acedia Historical Timeline


Acedia, also known as The Kingdom of Acedia, is a country on the Northern Continent of Gaia. They were founded during the third century, forming from the many nation-states that made up the area.

Acedia has a large population and a strong military which gives them a great deal of influence over the region. Their foreign policy has them taking a neutral stance on most events that don't involve border disputes with neighboring Superbia.


Acedia was founded in the year 321 A.I by the leaders of the surrounding nation-states under the command of Theophrastis Bombastis von Hotenhem I who went on to become the first King Imperator of Acedia. The 4th and 5th century saw the largest increase in cultural and technological advancements, an increase which continued albeit slower into modern Acedia. Scholars would later call this the Period of Flourishing following over 300 years of dark ages.

Nation-State Era

As far back as recorded history goes, it is indicated that much of the Northern Continent west of Esteria was split up into smaller clans, nomadic tribes, and nation-states. The nation-states were often the largest powers in the area and functioned much like miniature kingdoms. Due to their size, large number, and uncertain borders, there were constant skirmishes and bloodshed rather than trade and diplomacy. After two hundred years of this, people started to seek a change.

Leaders of the twelve largest nation-states banded together and signed a pact of non-aggression in 310 A.I. The effect was immediate, this aliiance had become far too powerful for any one nation-state to contend with, so more nation-states joined over the next few years. To the west, where Superbia now stands, this was also an era of change. Unsettled by the actions of these ten nation-states, a similar aliiance was forged however this one was intent on becoming a unified power. By 318 A.I. two new empires were forming and by 321 A.I the Kingdom of Acedia had signed a charter of unification and a constitution which would make it the first Kingdom established on the Northern Continent since the Esterian Union.

Early Kingdom of Acedia

By the early 5th century, Acedia was a new nation, but many of the old regimes remained in place. This continued into the 6th century and was considered to be the fuel that fired the upcoming civil war.

Post Reformation Declaration

After much inner turmoil, the end of the House Bombastro came with the death of both the King and Queen at the time. This opened the way for House Wunderweiss, namely Grand Duke Wilhelm Wunderweiss to be named King and unify Acedia.

This declaration created a Royal Assembly in which members of nobility acted as an aristocracy to rule over the land. The various regions of Acedia were granted to various Dukes and the age of lawlessness came to an end.

While this would eventully lead to mass corruption, it sparked major advances in both cultural and social sciences.

Full Name Kingdom of Acedia
Demonym Acedians
Location Northern Continent - Western Region
Area ???
Founded 321 A.I.
Founder Theophrastis Bombastis von Hotenhem I
Government Constitutional Monarchy

King Imperator: Wilhelm Bombastro III (966 A.I - Present)
Formation •Unification of Western Nation States - 321 A.I.

•Reformation Declaration of 555 - 573 A.I.

•Acedian Constitution Signing - 766 A.I.
Creation of current Constitutional Monarchy
Military Acedian Royal Army
3 Branches (~55,000 Active Members)
• Infantry Corps
• Aeronautical Corps
• Magickal Corps
Color Blue
Symbol Tortoise
Capital Desidia
•Population ~1,150,000 as of 990 A.I.
•Largest City
Population ~3,800,000 as of 990 A.I.
Race Human
Language Common
Currency Guilders

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