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If you are an artist interested in working on this project, please feel free to email me. I am looking for a pixel artist as well as a 2D character designer for portraits.

Some of the images used as placeholder art are copyrighted by their respective owner, Square Enix. These resources include custom sprites by the artists at Other resources seen are either created by myself or are credited to their respective owners on the Credits page.

If you see any media on this website that is not attributed properly is please let me know and I will fix it immediately.

Dusk Tactics, source code, media and information on this website are all copyright ©2014-2020 Louis Agoglia unless otherwise noted.



These are items that are used in battle. They range from healing potions to magic items that revive the recently deceased. Most of these items are consumed upon use, thus the name Consumable.

As of v0.7.1 units have a 'Bag' which allows them to carry a set number of consumables, the default being four (4). The amount they can carry may be increased via Passives.

Consumables are broken down into six (6) categories currently: Potions, Tonics, Mixtures, Remedies, Bombs, Misc.

The first three, Potions, Tonics, and Mixtures are known as Healing Items and can be grouped together. Remedies, Bombs, and Misc. each have their own section below.

Healing Items

Healing items come in the typical “mysterious colored solution in a glass bottle” fashion. There are items that heal health (HP), magick (MP), and even both. They vary in how they help, some use flat values which are cheaper, but will not help much in every scenario. The other, more expensive type, is percentage based. These can be used no matter the unit's level as they restore the same relative amount.

Below is a chart on these items. The names you see are the general terms used while the size will vary. So the resulting name would be <size><name>. For example, the Pote is a basic healing potion. The Tiny Pote is the smallest size Pote you can get, and it will heal for a set amount. While these amounts aren't finalized, the list below doesn't go into sizes, but there are about six (6) different sizes for basic items currently planned.


NameTier & Type
Tiny PoteTier I Flat HP Restore
Small PoteTier II Flat HP Restore
RestoreTier I % HP Restore
Medial PoteTier III Flat HP Restore
Large PoteTier IV Flat HP Restore
RestoraTier II % HP Restore
Grand PoteTier V Flat HP Restore
Regal PoteTier VI Flat HP Restore
RestoralTier III % HP Restore


NameTier & Type
Meager TonicTier I Flat MP Restore
Small TonicTier II Flat MP Restore
SanativeTier I % MP Restore
Medial TonicTier III Flat MP Restore
Large TonicTier IV Flat MP Restore
SanativaTier II % MP Restore
Grand TonicTier V Flat MP Restore
Regal TonicTier VI Flat MP Restore
SanativallTier III % MP Restore


NameTier & Type
Tiny ElixirTier I Flat HP/MP Restore
Small ElixirTier II Flat HP/MP Restore
EffuseTier I % HP/MP Restore
Medial ElixirTier III Flat HP/MP Restore
Large ElixirTier IV Flat HP/MP Restore
EffusaTier II % HP/MP Restore
Grand ElixirTier V Flat HP/MP Restore
Regal ElixirTier VI Flat HP/MP Restore
EffusallTier III % HP/MP Restore

Restorative Items

These are items that generally remove status effects. This could include curing Poison all the way to reviving a dead unit.

AnecdoteRemoves Poison
ChestnautRemoves Poison & Venom
ConcoctionRemoves Sick
MedleyRemoves Sick & Infirm
BandageRemoves Bleed
Mystic SerumRemoves Disease
MagicandyRemoves Nix
MagicherryRemoves Nix & Sap
Fig NutRemoves Silence
Bachus WineRemoves Charm
Aural ConchRemoves Sleep
Wooden CairnRemoves Undead
Soul PetalRevive KO'd Unit & Heal HP for 25%
Soul VineRevive KO'd Unit & Heal HP for 50%
Soul NutRevive KO'd Unit with full HP
Hardy HeartRemoves Wither
Spirit IdolRemoves Addle
War DrumRemoves Feeble
Era ScaleRemoves Clumsy
Quick BerryRemoves Lazy
Tough ShellRemoves Frail
Bright PieRemoves Daft
Wise PearlRemoves Naive
Full CloverRemoves Unlucky
Flux FifeRemoves Hobble
Lite DownRemoves Heavy
ArrowheadRemoves Weak
Aegis AleRemoves Breach
Fey LotusRemoves Wane
GemeraldRemoves Neglect
ResetearRemoves Slow
Salt DropsRemoves Blind
WhetstoneRemoves Dull
Lite DustRemoves Burden
Last AnkhRemoves Fragile
Special Remedies
Sole TeaRemoves basic debuffs
Dyadic TeaRemoves secondary debuffs
Elemental Debuff Remedies
Ruby DrupeRemoves Vul-Pyra
Lapis DrupeRemoves Vul-Aqua
Jade DrupeRemoves Vul-Gala
Sepia DrupeRemoves Vul-Tera
Amber DrupeRemoves Vul-Vola
Capri DrupeRemoves Vul-Rima
Seraf DrupeRemoves Vul-Lume
Void DrupeRemoves Vul-Noxe
Opal DrupeRemoves All Vul-Debuffs
Aquas SalveRemoves Burn
Rune ClothRemoves Drench
Balance BeanRemoves Dizzy
Birch BalmRemoves Thorns
Static SapRemoves Shock
Pyra PepperRemoves Cold
Imp TailRemoves Piety
Holy WaterRemoves Blight

Miscellaneous Items

These items will grant the user certain bonuses or status changes. Name pending change.

NameTier & Type
Bubble BerryGrants Aquawalk (4 turns)
Brutal CapApplies Berserk (3 Turns)
Grigor's GraspTurns a unit Undead
White WingGrants Flight (4 turns)

As of Version 0.7.1 most items have been implemented meaning they are in the game and they are working. They are not, however, balanced in terms of effect or cost.

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