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 +====== Armor ======
 +Your units will be able to equip as many as two pieces of armor at a time. Armor is categorized into Head, Body, Arms, and Feet, which each category containing different types, Light, Medium, and Heavy. The two pieces of armor you can equip consist of one of each of the four slots. For example, you cannot equip two helmets.
 +While any job can use any armor slot, the type they can use will vary depending on the aforementioned skillsets. Magick users will most likely be restricted to Light Armor, while those on the front line will have access to the stronger, yet heavier, Medium and Heavy Armor.
 +===== Type Chart =====
 +^Slot^Type Light^Type Medium^Type Heavy|
 +|Head|{{.:​armor:​hat.png?​nolink&​}}**Hat** |{{.:​armor:​faceguard.png?​nolink&​15x14}}**Faceguard** |{{.:​armor:​helmet.png?​nolink&​}}**Helmet** |
 +|Body|{{.:​armor:​cloak.png?​nolink&​}}**Cloak** |{{.:​armor:​jack.png?​nolink&​15x15}}**Jack** |{{.:​armor:​breastplate.png?​nolink&​}}**Breastplate** |
 +|Arms|{{.:​armor:​gloves.png?​nolink&​}}**Gloves** |{{.:​armor:​bracer.png?​nolink&​14x14}}**Bracers** |{{.:​armor:​gauntlets.png?​nolink&​}}**Gauntlets** |
 +|Feet|{{.:​armor:​shoes.png?​nolink&​}}**Shoes** |{{.:​armor:​boots.png?​nolink&​14x14}}**Boots** |{{.:​armor:​greaves.png?​nolink&​}}**Greaves** |
 +|Other|Misc. armor will fall into one of the three categories.|||
 +Weapons, Shields, and Accessories are all different Equipment that fall outside the category of Armor.
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