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 +====== Accessories ======
 +These are usually rare, special items, that enhance specific abilities or stats. A unit may equip one (1) accessory at a time. Accessories come in many different forms, a few of them are represented in the Type Chart below.
 +===== Type Chart =====
 +|Neck|{{.:​necklace.png?​nolink&​}}**Necklace** |
 +|Ears|{{.:​earrings.png?​nolink&​}}**Earrings** |
 +|Wrist|{{.:​bracelet.png?​nolink&​}}**Bracelets** |
 +|Finger|{{.:​rings.png?​nolink&​}}**Rings** |
 +|Misc|{{.:​14.png?​nolink&​}}**Amulet** |
 +These are just a few of the accessory types.
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