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If you are an artist interested in working on this project, please feel free to email me. I am looking for a pixel artist as well as a 2D character designer for portraits.

Some of the images used as placeholder art are copyrighted by their respective owner, Square Enix. These resources include custom sprites by the artists at Other resources seen are either created by myself or are credited to their respective owners on the Credits page.

If you see any media on this website that is not attributed properly is please let me know and I will fix it immediately.

Dusk Tactics, source code, media and information on this website are all copyright ©2014-2020 Louis Agoglia unless otherwise noted.


Graphical User Interface

To help develop a simple but effective GUI we will layout the components required for display during various game modes. As of right now this game is being designed for PC, android mobile devices and tablets. The end goal being deployment on all modern Android cell phones and tablets.

Android GUI

Legacy GUI

[Current Alpha Version 0.1.3</div></html>“ alt=”

Current Alpha Version 0.1.3
“ />]

[Old Alpha Version 0.1.2</div></html>” alt=“

Old Alpha Version 0.1.2
” />]


The window refers to the entire frame of the game. Everything will be placed inside this rectangular shape.

Window Dimensions

Currently the aim is for a 640p x 480p overall size with the active screen being 320p x 240p. For devices with a smaller resolution than 640×480 the surrounding images and graphics can be scaled down. Keeping the minimum size the same as the active screen (where 99% of the game takes place) which is 320×240 will allow whatever needs to be animated free from scaling.


The screen is the rectangular window in which all the visual aspects of gameplay take place.

Screen Dimensions

This is a fixed 320p x 240p area where the active battle area is displayed. All of the action including movement, combat, abilities, and more will take place in this area. This part is already created by the action occurring during gameplay so no further decoration is needed beyond an optional border.

Screen Position

This refers to the location that the Screen will be placed in the overall Window. As of Version 0.0.7a it is located in the center horizontally and toward the bottom vertically. The unit command buttons are placed directly below it in between the edge of the screen and the edge of the frame.

Unit HUD

This box features a quick way to see basic stats of a unit. These stats are the most relevant to basic actions like moving and attacking.

Unit Attributes

Shown for friendly units are four graph based attributes, Health Points, Magick Points, Action Points, and Experience Points. The unit's Level is shown as the largest number in the upper right hand corner of the box. The Move stats and Jump stats are located on the lower right side of the box. Currently this is separated from the main box as allied units have their Experience Bar displayed across the bottom.

Enemy and Neutral units have all the same information displayed except for experience.

Bare Interface

Below is the bare interface for Dusk Tactics. The screen that displays the game world is a fixed 320×240 with the surrounding area being filled with information panels. This is for version 0.0.8. Image is larger than it appears, click to see full size

Unit Status

This displays a unit's full stats, conditions, resistances, etc. It's currently only partly done as more information will be added, namely text values under the various bars and elemental alignment values among other things.

Unit Selector

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