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If you are an artist interested in working on this project, please feel free to email me. I am looking for a pixel artist as well as a 2D character designer for portraits.

Some of the images used as placeholder art are copyrighted by their respective owner, Square Enix. These resources include custom sprites by the artists at Other resources seen are either created by myself or are credited to their respective owners on the Credits page.

If you see any media on this website that is not attributed properly is please let me know and I will fix it immediately.

Dusk Tactics, source code, media and information on this website are all copyright ©2014-2020 Louis Agoglia unless otherwise noted.



This menu is deprecated. Since the game's main release will be on cell phones and tablets, a different menu, one with larger buttons, would be more prudent.

Typical to RPGs and SRPGs are menu systems to help the player control the actions of the character. There are many types of menus that appear in Dusk Tactics. The most common one is the Command Menu which is used a lot during gameplay.

Command Menu

This menu has the basic 5 commands that represent the actions a unit can take during gameplay. The functions of each menu item is documented below. Aesthetically, the menu can show disabled menu items and it will change color when hovered over. Currently this is done using Java's Swing package but a custom button will be designed to take it's place.

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