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If you are an artist interested in working on this project, please feel free to email me. I am looking for a pixel artist as well as a 2D character designer for portraits.

Some of the images used as placeholder art are copyrighted by their respective owner, Square Enix. These resources include custom sprites by the artists at Other resources seen are either created by myself or are credited to their respective owners on the Credits page.

If you see any media on this website that is not attributed properly is please let me know and I will fix it immediately.

Dusk Tactics, source code, media and information on this website are all copyright ©2014-2022 Dusk Tactics Project unless otherwise noted.


Credits & Acknowledgements

As this project currently has one member, a programmer, there are a lot of resources being used as placeholders until I find an artist. You may see some in screenshots or on the website itself, mostly graphical resources. A lot of them fall under copyleft or CC0 arrangements, however I want to make sure everyone gets proper credit.

Graphical Resources

As you know from the legal disclaimer to the left, some of the resources I am using are copyrighted by SquareEnix and while they are not exactly sprites ripped from their classic Final Fantasy Tactics game they are either heavily influenced by them, or modified versions of them. Either way they will obviously NOT be in the game and again are being used as placeholders for the time being.

That being said, I can't forget to give credit to the creators of the custom sprites. I want to give thanks to websites and communities such as for creating a haven of information about one of the best Tactical RPGs ever made as well as the many pixel artists whose custom sprites are simply beautiful and skillfully done. I will try my best to list each artist by their username on the aforementioned website but if you see anything I missed PLEASE contact me and I will update this page ASAP.

Placeholder Sprites

For the purpose of pre-alpha release screenshots, testing, and recordings, you may see different sprites. I actually spent some time choosing the right placeholder sprite that I felt embodied the direction I wanted that particular Job to go in terms of look and feel, so the placeholder art means a lot to me as does the effort put in by all the artists involved. The list below will hopefully credit everyone's work that has been used at some point on this project. This is a WIP as I am only one person, first and foremost I want any resources used in screenshots that I have shared on this site or twitter to be listed, from there I will work on this when I can. If you see anything that you recognize and want to help please feel free to contact me on the forum here.

Note: Somewhere along the line when I started acquiring actual assets for use in the game, the size of the units changed. This change stuck, but the sprites needed to be resized. Sadly it was not resized by a whole number, which I am sure pixel artists realize is never good. The resize was 1.5 or 150% which I achieved by upscaling 3x and then downscaling by 1/2. I understand the sprites as they appear in the screenshots/video are nowhere near as good as the original artists' creations. Due to resizing and also recoloring, I wanted to be able to attribute the art to it's original source, so I will include links to the FFH page where you can see the original (where applicable).

Warrior (M)Warrior (F)Fighter (M)Fighter (F)Defender (M)Defender (F)
VanyaZozmaSeushiro, CAPCOMKagebunjiKagebunjiKagebunji
Original ArtOriginal ArtOriginal ArtOriginal ArtOriginal ArtOriginal Art
Page (M)Page (F)Rogue (M)Rogue (F)Scout (M)Scout (F)
Original ArtOriginal ArtOriginal ArtOriginal ArtOriginal ArtOriginal Art
Acolyte (M)Acolyte (F)Scribe (M)Scribe (F)Chemist (M)Chemist (F)
LijjLijjR999LijjFFT BaseFFT Base
Original ArtOriginal ArtOriginal ArtOriginal Art
Scholar (M)Scholar (F)Monk (M)Monk (F)Guardian (M)Guardian (F)
AuthorR999FFT MonkZozma
Original ArtOriginal Art Original ArtOriginal ArtOriginal Art

Misc. Sprites

This section is sort of difficult, as it includes sprites that were never used, or that I used on a personal level when story-boarding, but I'd still like to list what I can:

Original Alton Placeholder - Author: Zozma

Another huge reason I am able to do this is the fantastic community created and maintained by Bart and many others. I have a long list of attributions to add from that site, as I start to narrow down on what resources I will be using in the official alpha release I will get to that.


Huge thanks to the creator, developers, and maintainers of the awesome DokuWiki software which this site runs on. The amazing icons used for the top menu bar and above the side menu were created by who is a very talented artist!


My biggest thanks here goes to the creator of libGDX, the library that is allowing me to tackle OpenGL without having to get too close to it. So a special thanks to as well as the creators of the LWJGL.

Lastly a huge thanks to the thousands of stackexchange pages and helpful people across the internet that allowed me to find an answer to every questions I ever had (or will have) without asking a single question.

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