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One of my favorite things in this genre is a Job System, also known as a Class System. Even RPGs have these systems and I love it. Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy V are two of my favorite early FF games because of how fun it was to acquire new classes, try out new combos of class/sub-class, and even challenging yourself by making an entire team of a single class.

So of course this game will have a Job System. In fact, the job system will be an integral part of the story.

A lot of this is from ideas I work-shopped back in 2011. At one point this project was even called Hundred Tactics because I wanted 100 jobs...

This never made it beyond reality checks: Quality over quantity, the realization that 100 jobs would require 200 different sprites (male and female), the time it would take, and the most important in my opinion: what's the point of 100 jobs if most of them are essentially clones of the basic three Warrior/Rogue/Wizard.

All of that being said, there will be a ton of jobs in the game, just not all at once. Currently I have a chart that sort of looks like half of a tournament bracket, that starts with 4 basic concepts and turns that into 12 basic jobs with 24 job tiers beyond the basic ones. It's a work in progress and the number of jobs makes more sense when you realize each Job will only have a small number of abilities/passives.

How the Job system currently works, and how I want it to work:

This is a big part of the game, for the first few months this was all I worked on. I kept hitting my head against the same problem:
I don't want a generic class system, but I don't not want it.
If that makes any sense to you then you are the chosen one. Basically I want the familiarity that we've all experienced and loved, with a chance to expand upon it using my own ideas and lore. This game is not a clone of Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics, however I want people who enjoyed those games to feel right at home, able to pick up where they left off years ago.
Dusk Tactics -

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