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Website/Forum Updates

Post by lou »

There's a huge amount of work involved with just developing a game that falls outside the realm of actually working on the game.

I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to spend a day or two fixing up the site and the forum so that it's a bit nicer to look at and easier to navigate. The site itself also needs updating, and as much as I'd like to add a proper devlog, I'd probably spend more time writing than working.

When the demo comes out, this forum will be a major center of communications in debugging. There will also be a bug tracker (but it might be less easy to use for some people), so it might be worth it. Also I am considering a Discord...

I recently updated to the latest phpBB which took a bit longer than I expected and found a neat theme made by avathar ( which resembles some classic Blizzard forums. If anyone played any Blizzard games in the 2000s/2010s, it's a pretty familiar site, but more importantly it's very clean.

I'd obviously remove the Blizzard elements, and most likely modify some of the styling, but overall it does fit a fantasy game pretty well. I've already installed the basic theme and add-ons, and it looks pretty cool. Again it's probably the nostalgia, but I am wondering if I should switch to that style.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this as the site may or may not be down for a bit while I update some other stuff and you may even happen upon it when I am testing the new style out and think "whoa is this the Blizzard forum from 2006?". It's not, but it's damn close.

Edit: I almost forgot the most important change of all! A new favicon, since the old one might have belonged to Tactics Ogre and that's probably not good to have on a website for a game in the same genre. The new icon is from an icon set by HenrySoftware.
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