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Inspiring Indie Tactics Games

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I was writing about the Job System for another post when I went off on a tangent about my experience doing early research into the genre and checking out other tactics projects. Most of which I still follow. I wanted to do a small write up about the projects I remember (I hope I get all the info right and that they don't mind being mentioned) because of how much it meant to me to see others doing what I wanted to do.

Since starting this project in 2011, I have kept up with every isometric tactics project I could find, including ones that were already defunct. I honestly loved all of them, every time I see a screenshot from one it brings back fond memories of doing research for my game as well as admiration for those that were able to reach a level of progress where they had a working prototype or some concept art or what have you. All of these projects, be they abandoned, still in progress, or released helped me so much during the early years that I wanted to make a list of them.

These just happened to be the projects I came across while searching and lurking tigsource and other indie sites that really caught my attention. I know there are so many more projects out there, but these are just some of the projects I remember (I'll add more as I remember them), listed in no particular order:
Awesome story of a developer who left the AAA scene to develop his own game. I followed this very closely and it had a successful release earlier this year on PC and ALL MAJOR CONSOLES! Developed by 6 Eyes Studio, It's probably the best example of what this genre is all about in my opinion.
  • Red Tactics/Vindis Saga
Currently investigating some things, whether or not these two are the same game just at different points in their development, or if Red Tactics is actually it's own game.
I am particularly fond of projects being developed by a single person, and this one would always catch my eye when I first started developing Dusk Tactics. I don't think this project was ever released, but I do remember hearing the developer went on to work with another project on this list, Arcadian Atlas which is awesome! Always gave me a "never give up" vibe that honestly inspired me.
  • Ecol Tactics
This one is sort of an asterisk. It was developed as a Free to Play MMO so it's not quite in the same genre. The graphics are what kept me interested. I just love isometric games! When I went to look up info on them it looks like their server was shut down, part of that big 2013 F2P MMO server shut down in Japan.
Hellenica, like Ecol, is sort of an asterisk as it's more of a Puzzle RPG but it still looks and even plays like a Tactics RPG. It has amazing graphics, the sprites were what really caught my eye when I first saw news of it back in 2013(?). Developed by The Dragonloft they released the game in 2017 which is very awesome!
I believe this project I started seeing around 2012 with an alpha release around 2014. The beautiful art for the map tiles, sleek user interface and amazing amount of content was so impressive. It had a professional look to it. Developed by Charlie Fleed and released on PC and XBL (Xbox Live).
I don't even know where to begin with this one. I think it was 2015 or so when I started seeing images of what looked like a tactics game except the tiles had dozens of units on them. Ever since that day I followed this game and the jaw-dropping monumental goals of it, that they not only reached but surpassed. Huge Ogre Battle style maps with 100 unique named units?! 100 story characters! Scenario Editor! Character Editor! What is this Suikoden Tactics? Anyway, it's out on early access and should be coming out sometime soon. This is one of those projects that shows you what can be accomplished when you set your mind to something!
This beautiful game just burst onto the scene in 2016 and the visuals blew me away, The graphics are top notch and the gameplay looks innovative and fun! Developed by Endless Fluff who developed Valdis Story. I can't find it right now, but I remember reading that they are a husband and wife team which is so cool!
Here we have a beautiful game which I first saw around 2016 IIRC. The art is probably some of the best isometric character art I have ever seen. It's fun just looking at it! Anyway, they are on track after a successful kickstarter to release their game sometime soon. I mentioned above that the programmer from another game I used to follow is now the lead programmer on this project, but the name of the game was Vindis Saga. Now I remember this game, but I could have sworn it was called Red Tactics...I have to do more research.

There's a few more that I'll add when I have time. One of them wasn't isometric but was really great looking in it's own way and I always checked on it's'll come to me.
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