Do you plan to implement a PvP mode?

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Do you plan to implement a PvP mode?

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I found randomly on Twitter your game and Im really hyped by it, loves the pixel art, and Turn based RPG

I wanna ask if you think that a PvP mode would be possible ? I don’t know if you know this game, but there’s a popular turn based MMORPG in France, that still have tons of players even after more than 12 years 

Its mainly a PvE MMO but there’s a PvP zone that is pretty cool you can team with other players. I have hundreds on hours played in PvP and it’s pretty cool, thats why Im asking, instead of teaming I think 1v1 can be good, you could choose like 3-4 units to build your team 

And by the way, will there be a discord server ? I can’t wait to play your game !

Thanks for your answer 

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Re: Do you plan to implement a PvP mode?

Post by lou »


I've definitely heard of Wakfu and Dofus (absolutely love the art even if it's not pixel art). I haven't played it but I am familiar with what you're talking about.

For now, Dusk Tactics will be a single player experience.

It would be really neat to do a "Dusk Tactics Arena" type deal, or something like that which allowed two players to fight eachothers armies. So it'd be less like Wakfu/Dofus and more like the online mode added to Final Fantasy Tactics:WotL or the fan project Tactics Ogre Arena.

This would probably be pretty far off, though, as my main priority is to finish this game and then hopefully port it outside of the PC.

It'd be an interesting project and while I have some experience with netcode, I would most likely not code it from scratch as I am doing with DT. Thus it would rely on what engines are available and what my resources are, but it could be something down the road.
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