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Weapon Type

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Now Weapons, as we all know, are a type of Equipment that is equipped in either the Main Hand, the Off Hand, or both (for 2H Weapons, or dual wielding).

Weapons come in many different forms, and these forms determine the types of attacks the perform as well as if they are ranged, fire projectiles, or what have you.


When you think of Weapon Types, you think Swords, Axes, Bows, etc. These are all present as are a bit more.
Here's a somewhat old example of Alton swinging a 1 Handed Sword. Version 0.5.x
Before we begin, there will be some terms used that need to be defined. These include Weapon Attack Types which detail how targets are picked when attacking, basically what and where these weapons can be used.

Weapon Attack Types
These make up the core differences between the many weapon types. Weapon Attack Type (or WAT) determines what tiles will be "in range" when you go to use the weapon.

http://dusktactics.com/doc/_media/item/melee.pngMelee is exactly how it sounds, it comprises the four tiles directly adjacent to the attacking unit.

Melee Two
http://dusktactics.com/doc/_media/item/melee2.pngThis type is similar to the one above, Melee, however it will attack two tiles in any of the four adjacent directions. Unless blocked, the attack will continue beyond the first tile and onto the second, attacking any target.

Melee Eight
http://dusktactics.com/doc/_media/item/melee8.pngThis is an eight directional version of Melee. It simply adds the four diagonal adjacent tiles to the regular four adjacent tiles, to create eight possible targets.

http://dusktactics.com/doc/_media/item/range2to3.pngRanged attacks get a bit more complex. Typically a ranged attack will be able to attack enemies beyond the normal Melee range. Ranged attack types can include a minimum attack distance, which you can see pictured on the left. This range would be formatted like so: 2-3 (some tiles are missing). It tends to create more of a diamond shape.
Minimum range is something unique to Ranged WATs however not all of them have a minimum and some will allow you to attack adjacent tiles.

Ranged WATs are unique in another way. Since they often have a projectile that is fired, the path this projectile takes can differ greatly.

Ranged Indirect
For weapons types like Bows, projectiles are fired in a parabolic arc, allowing them to hit targets that are not in a direct line of sight (LoS). Weapons fired in a parabolic arc are often the ones with minimums above 1.

Ranged Direct
http://dusktactics.com/doc/_media/item/ranged4_s.pngDirect ranged attack types are more restrictive, but generally allow you to attack directly adjacent targets in exchange. Pictured is a Ranged Direct WAT that has a range of 4. This type is restricted to weapons that tend to launch projectiles at a much faster rate, such as Pistols.

Ranged Direct Eight
http://dusktactics.com/doc/_media/item/ranged8_s.pngDirect, otherwise known as straight trajectory attacks will travel in a straight line and are often limited to four directions. There does exist an eight direction variant, similar to the Melee Eight type listed above, that allows straight attacks in both adjacent and diagonal directions.

Ranged Direct Penetrate
This is a subset of Ranged Direct WATs that can damage multiple adjacent targets. Limited to four or eight directional attacks, these projectiles will continue going until they hit a wall or are blocked by a target.

Ranged Other
While most Ranged Direct WATs are restricted to four or eight directions, there are exceptions such as the Wand weapon type which fires a straight projectile, but can be fired directly in any direction, making every nearby tile a target. This type does not penetrate and will end if it hits a wall, the target, or any other interfering object.

Lastly is the Special WAT. This is a rare type that is often assigned to specific weapons rather than entire Weapon Types, with some exception. For example, currently in planning is a Weapon Type called the Instrument. These weapons would actually target multiple tiles at once in a specific area. There may even be weapons that exist that can target every tile on the map!

Weapon Types

One Handed Melee


Two Handed Melee


One Handed Ranged


Two Handed Ranged

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Re: Weapon Type

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I really love the different aspects put into ranged options!

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