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Item Type

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In my ongoing "series" of game system explorations, I finally get to talk about the Item System. This includes how it's broken down, what types of items are in the game, and more specifics when it comes to Equipment.

So we all know what Items are, right? They are things and stuff!


Items come in various types, and these types often have sub-types. None of that is too important, so we will just get to the explainations.

Here's an example of an item inside it's Item Info UI. Version 0.6.2

Consumable make up medicines, potions, tonics, elixirs, and more. Basically anything you use and lose. This could include foods, magic scrolls, ogre tears, who knows!
Typically, this type of item stacks so when viewing it in your inventory, you'll be able to move them around in bulk as well as buy or sell in multiple quantities.

Material are going to be used for the crafting system. They are made up of things that can be bought, or found, or even drop from slain foes. These items typically have no use in battle, and by themselves do very little.
A sub-section of materials will be for items that are meant to be sold, basically currency in the form of an item aka TRASH. It's always fun to sell your trash to a vendor and make out like a bandit, right?

Equipment is an extremely large portion of items as it includes multiple sub-types and even some sub-sub-types. Here you will find Weapons, Armor, Shields, and Accessories. Anything your units can equip is considered Equipment, pretty novel idea, right?

Now if you haven't gotten to the Equipment System yet, the basic idea is that each unit can equip up to five items. There is a Main Hand slot, and Off Hand slot, 2 x Armor Slots, and an Accessory slot.

The MH and OH slots will be where your weapons and/or shields get equipped. Want to use a 2 Handed weapon? That'll take up both slots. Want to use a 1 Handed weapon and a Shield? MH/OH! Want to say "to hell with the Shield" and equip two 1 Handed weapons? Well why not? Well for one reason, if your unit isn't trained for it, it'll most likely be more of a hindrance, but who cares, go for it!

Armor (Head, Body, Arm, Leg)
The two (2) armor slots are up to you and can include one (1) of each type of Armor. Basically you can't wear two helmets. But a hat and gloves? That's fine.

Lastly, the accessory slot will take one (1) accessory. As of this writing, the Accessory System is one of the last Item Systems that remain to be completed, they will basically be special equipment that has rare or unique qualities to enhance your units. It could be a ring that allows you to walk on water, I mean those are pretty common. Maybe an amulet that heals you every turn? I'll make sure there's something for everyone!

The last and most mysterious of item types. Really it's just where everything that doesn't fit in the above categories go. This will most likely be limited to Key Items, things you need for the story and wouldn't want to sell (don't worry, you won't be able to).

Inventory UI showing various Armor. Version 0.6.2

So that's basically it, there are hundreds of unique items that span the various categories and range from super common to super unique! Items are stored in your inventory which can be browsed from the World Map or Unit Management screens. As for limits on holding items, I don't really have one. Maybe for consumables, the limit will be 99? That seems like a good number.
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