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[Archive 2014] August 16th 2014

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I am considering the official name of the game. So far the project will still be referred to as Dust Tactics, but the actual name will likely change. Currently some ideas I have had are Hundred Tactics and Ars Tactics. I'm obviously going to stick with the __ Tactics format.

In development news, the scripting system is pretty much complete and functional. It allows for story scenes and dialog using any and all units, this includes animations, particle effects, and more. This is how the story of the game will be told, through this “stage” using “actors”, which is actually what libGdx calls the Java classes used in scene2D user interface. The only thing left is to create a story and write a script…

The next step in terms of the engine is to create the AI. This will be the most important part of the game, and will most likely take the longest time to perfect.
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