[Archive 2013] July 22nd 2013

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[Archive 2013] July 22nd 2013

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Recent work has involved converting the user interface to the android library, basically for handheld use. Libgdx has a great library for UI which is similar to html tables. So far everything I originally had for the computer version now works with the Android version. Also, I was able to add the resistance system and the equipment system to the status screen.

Resistance will deal with individual resistance to each of the six basic elements as well as the Light and Dark element. It's still being worked out, but currently this will be a number value that corresponds to a simplified enumeration of resistance levels.

Equipment is what it sounds like, the items that a unit will have equipped. UI-wise these will show up as an icon of the item and it's name in the appropriate slot. You will see these items on the status screen, when browsing your inventory, or when at a shop.

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