[Update] Version 0.6.0 Additions

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Vola [Update] Version 0.6.0 Additions

Post by lou » Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:35 pm

I want to take a minute to go into some gameplay decisions that I will explain further on the forum. I added a new resource called SP. When a unit performs an action, they will usually earn XP and JP.

The XP is experience which is tied to the unit and eventually leads to a Level Up while the JP is a sort of "Job Experience" which is tied to each specific Job and eventually leads to a Rank Up for that specific Job. (By the way I plan to go into the well known abuses with a system that awards points for any action, i.e. punching allies to level up)

SP comes into play whenever a unit earns JP. Whatever JP is earned, that same amount is added to their SP (the actual amount is still TBD). Now SP is not tied to any one Job, all SP earned goes to the unit who can then spend it on anything they want.

This resource, SP,  is used to "purchase" new Jobs as well as the Abilities and Passives associated with those Jobs. If you're a fan of the genre you might be concerned about being able to buy all the jobs and skills without changing jobs once, however most skills and passives will require Jobs to be a certain Rank, and you can only Rank Up Jobs by playing as them. All of this is subject to change and I value any and all input, but for now this system will be used in the open alpha so that I can functionally test different Abilities, Passives, and Job combinations.
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